Unit Guide for Grade 4: Download PDF (4MB)

Module Teacher Notes Presentation Student Handout
Module 1 – Intro to Design Download PDF (747KB) Download PPT (18MB) Download PDF (1MB)
Module 2 -Origami Kite Download PDF (2MB) Download PPT (23MB) Download PDF (5MB)
Module 3 – Stamp for Printing Coming Summer 2021
Low Tech Module Origami Kite (online)

Full Packet for Grade 4: Download PDF (43MB)

Additional Resources – Symmetry

Africa, Symmetry, and Printmaking
Contains images of symmetry from African art and artifacts. Licensed for re-use.

Prezi Presentation »

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash
Symmetric art your students can make with their names.

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash »

Line of symmetry
Ask students which of these Creative Commons images actually have a line of symmetry.

Creative Commons »

Symmetry of the Past and Present
This google site showcases the appeal of the universal design principle of symmetry in works of art. There are pieces from 2600 BC through today.

Google Arts & Culture »

Navajo Sand Paintings
Navajo sand painting photos. Some have lines of symmetry, some don’t.

Guity Novin History »

Mexicolore staff answer a student’s question: Did the Aztecs like symmetry?

Mexicolore »

Symmetry in Biology
A Wikipedia page of animal with different types of symmetry.

Wikipedia »

Additional Resources – Kites

Types of Kites
Different types of kites and their origins.

My Best Kite »