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Module 1 – Intro to Design Download PDF (742KB) Download PPT (17MB) Download PDF (659KB)
Module 2 – Soma Cube Puzzle Download PDF (1MB) Download PPT (9MB) Download PDF (2MB)
 Module 3 – Toy for a Younger Child Coming Summer 2021
Low Tech Module Shape Maker (Online)

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Additional Resources – Soma Cube

New Soma Cube Designs
Using the elegance of a simple puzzle to explore creativity.

Medium Revolution »

Build a Soma Cube
Turn newspaper into a soma cube and create a mathematical puzzle.

NYTimes »

Manifold Puzzle Game
An origami puzzle game.

Games for Young Minds »

Rotational Puzzle
Meffert’s Puzzles are in the style of Rubik’s cubes.

Project Genius »

Modular Origami
A paper-folding technique which uses two or more sheets of paper to create a larger and more complex structure.

WikiHow »

Brain Teasers
Each of these brain teasers requires a different approach to solve.

Project Genius »