Collect ideas

Choose a child you will make the toy for. Find out:

  • What kinds of moving toys do they like? Cars? Trains? Planes?
  • What kinds of animals? Do they have a favorite?
  • What are their favorite colors?
toy ideas
parts of the toy

Design Requirements for Toy

  • The body can be narrow or wide.
  • The wheels must have a radius of 3 centimeters or less, if you plan on 3D printing them.
  • The axle must be long enough to go through the body and the wheels, with room for tape on both sides.
  • Your toy may have 2, 3, 4 or more wheels, but it must stay upright and roll.

Design on paper

  1. Use scrap paper.
  2. Sketch out different ideas together.
  3. What does the body of the toy look like?
  4. What size is the body?
  5. Where do the wheels go?
  6. What size are the wheels?
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