1. Take your kite outside (with a grown up).
  2. Take your tape along with you, in case you need to fix anything.
  3. Go to an open space with no wires or tree branches less than 6 feet above you.
  4. Have your grown up hold the kite with the tail pointed down.
  5. Loosely stretch out about 6 feet of string.
  6. Hold your kite up.
  7. With the wind at your back, run a short ways until your kite goes up in the air.
  8. Stop and watch your kite in the air, moving the string to keep it in the air.

Reimagine your design

How could you change the kite design?

Could you make the tail from a different material, like yarn?

Or could you make a shorter tail? Or a longer one?

Could you add more weight to your tail, to stabilize the kite?

Next Step

Now that you’ve made and flown your kite, let’s learn about angles.

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