In this hands-on activity, you will be

  • folding a kite,
  • flying a kite, and
  • measuring angles on the kite.

You will learn how to precisely measure angles by creating your own angle wedges out of paper. View this activity digitally or print for offline viewing.

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For Grown Ups

You’ve always had an important role in your kids’ learning. But now things are more challenging. Try these fun activities with your children or they can do them on their own. You don’t have to know all the answers. Plus, an answer key is provided. What’s important is to show curiosity about learning mathematics along with your child. You can ask, “What do you think?” “How do you know?” and “How could we do this another way?” as you learn together.

For Children

Gather the following materials and get ready to make a kite. Along the way you’ll learn a bit of mathematics. If you get stuck on any step, take a breath and try again. It’s okay if you need more than one sheet of paper. Good luck and have fun!

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