Collect Ideas

  • Choose a friend, family member, or community organization to make a mobile for.​
  • Find out what they like: colors, shapes, animals, or other ideas you have. ​
  • Make notes about what they like, so you can remember this later.

Design on paper

Hanging Mobile Requirements​:

  • The mobile must have at least one arm.
  • The mobile must have at least three objects hanging from the arm/s.
  • Two objects must be geometric shapes made with nets.
  • The other objects can be anything about the same size as the shapes (The heavier helps).
  • The mobile with all the objects hanging must balance.

Sketch out a design.

  • On paper, draw the mobile: arms, string, and objects. Draw two different ideas.​
  • Check if they meet the requirements. ​
  • Choose the idea you want to use. ​
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