This hanging mobile activity is designed for families with children in grades 4-7. It includes activities for making and math. 

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This picture shows the one kind of mobile that you can make. It also show the parts of the mobile. You can make many different mobile designs. You’ll make it for a friend, a family member, or a community center.

Just follow the steps in this activity, that lead you through design and making—and learning math along the way.

sample mobile

For Grown Ups

This activity is for you and your kids to do together or for your kids to do on their own. You don’t have to know the math in advance. Be open to exploration, and ask questions such as “How did you do that?” and “How do you know?”

For Children

Gather the following materials and get ready to make a set of shapes. Along the way you’ll learn a bit of math. If you get stuck on any step, take a breath and try again. It’s okay if you need to restart and use more materials. Good luck and have fun!

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