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MPACT is designed to get students engaged in design, making, and 3D modeling and printing, though hands-on, minds-on learning. Students have the opportunity to learn important mathematics, spatial reasoning, and computational thinking skills.

We aim to address the needs of BIPOC who are underrepresented in STEM by boosting spatial reasoning and computational thinking, while addressing grade-level math standards.

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Be an E-Mentor!

We are looking for STEM professionals or people who use 3D modeling or printing in their work or hobby. The commitment is 10-20 hours over the school year (in bursts).

You will be helping rural youth in California, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia who may have limited contact with STEM workers otherwise. Research shows this kind of relationship has positive benefits for students, and we think you will find it rewarding, too.

E-mentors will answer questions from students from a grade 4-7 class through an online monitored forum, and we maintain your privacy.

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How to Participate as an E-Mentor

  • Step 1: Fill out this form to express your interest.

  • Step 2: MPACT staff will contact you with training materials (less than an hour to view) and a slide template through which you describe your work.

  • Step 3: As classes begin using MPACT, which could be any time in the school year, we will contact you and connect you with a class of students.

  • Step 4: You and the students communicate via our secure online forum for a period of 2-5 weeks.

    • Students will ask you questions, such as “When did you know you wanted to work in STEM?” or “What math do you need to do your job?”
    • They may also tell you what they did that week, such as prototype a toy, and ask you about how you prototype.
  • Step 5: You fill out and return a form indicating the dollar amount to which your contribution of time is equivalent. We submit this documentation to the Department of Education annually. This helps us meet our grant’s “cost-share” requirement.

  • Step 6 (optional): Sign up to work with another group of students later in the school year.

Thank you on behalf of the MPACT team, and the youth with whom you will work,
Jennifer Knudsen
MPACT at TERC, Director
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Within this MPACT Community website, MPACT teachers will find

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  • A platform for students to communicate with mentors
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