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MPACT curriculum units are hands-on, minds-on spatial reasoning projects that address state and national math and computer science standards. MPACT students are supported by mentors–professionals who use 3D printing in their work, play, or study.

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Calling all Teachers

MPACT is recruiting teacher participants for our impact study, starting in November.

If you are an interested teacher of grades 4-7, please contact us right away. If you teach in a rural area, that’s a plus. You get online PD, stipends, free curriculum, a 3D printer, online mentors, and a classroom library. We ask you to collect  data in the form of teacher logs and teacher and student surveys.

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We offer 3 modules at each grade level and an at-home module for distance learning. Each module covers:

  • Grade Level Mathematics: Symmetry, Measurement, Volume, Probability
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Computational Thinking
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Module 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade
1 Intro to Design Intro to Design Intro to Design Intro to Design
2 Origami Kite Soma cube puzzle Soma cube puzzle Fair die for the VI
3 A stamp for printing Toy for a younger child Hanging Mobile Game for the VI
At home
Origami Kite
Shape Maker Hanging Mobile
Toy on Wheels

Shelter-in-place Learning Resources

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MPACT cares about children, parents, and teachers—particularly during these challenging times. Here are resources for immediate use. Some are created by our team and some by our teachers. We would love to hear how you use these materials.
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Our activity packages are ideal for families to do together. You can view the PDFs online or print them.

Make a Toy and Learn about Circles

Make a toy and learn about circles with your 5th – 7th graders.

Toy on Wheels

Make a Kite and Measure Angles

Make a kite with kids ages 8 and up.

Origami Kite

Make a Kite Video

Having trouble? Get unstuck with this video on making a kite.

Teacher-Created Resources

Here are some resources shared by Katie Aldrich (Seventh Grade Math, Rolling Hills Middle School, Pajaro Valley Unified School District)

A math lesson made on a tablet, then on Playposit to add interactions for students.

Interactive Math

A short video she made with her daughters about setting up a study area at home.

Create a study space

A hyperdoc to use as students’ weekly planner and teacher lesson plans.

Planner and Lesson Plans

A distance learning youtube playlist she made for teachers.

Distance Learning

Mentor for MPACT

MPACT mentor recruitment poster
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Within this Teacher Community Website, you will find resources for

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